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Mike Conder

Great service!  Thanks for the stories guys.

Mike Conder

On Sat, Jan 30, 2021 at 11:10 AM Robert Bell via <> wrote:
I just wanted to relate the most recent experience I had with one of our manufacturers AND the USPS.

On Tuesday evening, the 26th of January, I was assembling several packages of Kadee 714 couplers.  I opened one package and dumped the contents out and all that came out were 5 trip pins, 4 screws, and the capsule of springs.  "Well, that kinda stinks", I said to my wife, and I looked up Kadee's website and sent them an email through their website right then, at about 20 minutes after 6 PM:

"Hi there,
I just opened a package of your #714 HOn3 couplers and all that was in the package was the instruction sheet, 4-trip pins, 4-mounting screws, and the capsule of couplers!  I can't say for sure when I or where I bought these, but I think I bought them in Louisville, KY in May of 2018.  The package was unopened, undamaged, and has a ©️2003 on it.

Thanks & regards,"

I of course included my address and a quick photo of the contents and the package.  I never got a response from them, until today.  The response was a small USPS First Class package containing the missing coupler sprues (4).

I have to say that was a very nice surprise and wanted to relate it to you all. I am VERY pleased with Kadee!!!  And the USPS for that matter, as Kadee would have mailed the package on Wednesday and I got it today, Saturday, from Oregon!!

Rob Bell
Modeling the White Pass & Yukon Route in HOn3
Waynesville, NC

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