Questions about Blackstone c-19

Frank Smelt Jr

Being new to the hobby I have couple of questions about some issues I am having.   My layout is on the smaller size (4x8) and I recently acquired a “lightly used” Blackstone C-19 number 342 on E-bay. 

Issue 1.   I have a new NCE 46 DCC Control System.   No matter what I do the system cannot find the locomotive.  I get the sound but locomotive will not move and functions like whistle, light, etc. do not work.

Issue 2.   I also have an older Digitrax DCS 50.   This will recognize the locomotive and will operate all functions associated with same.   However, the locomotive does not operate smoothly on a consistent basis.   It will stop intermediately the start again, also operating in reverse can be challenging.   Track seems to be very clean and I make sure I clean it before operating.  Wheels on the tender and loco have also been cleaned.


Any suggestions will be appreciated.




Frank S.



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