Re: What got you in to HOn3?

Mick Moignard

My start in Hon3 was in the late 1970s. I was still at that point living with my parents in Solihull (part of the Birmingham, UK conurbation).  I'd fiddled with modelling the Highland Railway in LMS days in OO scale, bit has always had a narrow gauge interest,and in the mid-70s drifted into 009, but the main issue with 009 at the time was that it didn't run well, if it ran at all. I was also much more interested in main-line narrow gauge, but most 009 at the time was biased towards industrial railways.  I toyed with Irish 3' gauge in 4mm on 12mm track, which had some commercial support at the time, but didn't really fancy everything made from whitemetal. I had an aversion to whitemetal then which I still have now, especially using it for structural as opposed to detail parts.  My LHS at the time, Bob;s Models in Small Heath, which, because of the interests of some of the staff, sold some US models and kits and a few bits in Hon3.  This was what I'd been looking for, and still is; though to be honest I'm not really sure why even now.  I've never looked back, though there was a foray for a few years onto On30 with an exhibition layout over here in the UK., built and operated with some friends.  Over the years I've worked on and reworked upwards of 100 brass Hon3 locos, most now with DCC sound, most of which are in daily layout use on mine and other layouts, and built, scratch, kits and reworked brass somewhere around 400 items of rolling stock. I've been having fun, and still do.  

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