Re: A Helix tale, Part 1 The Construction

Jim Marlett

I feel fortunate that my furnace and water heater are outside of my train room, but I have a water line that runs to the outside spigot that is a little worrisome. I finally decided if it fails, I’ll move the spigot if I can’t repair it in place.

Jim Marlett

On Jan 16, 2021, at 6:30 PM, Don Bergman <DBRenegade@...> wrote:


I read your note and chuckled:  " Hope your furnace doesn’t have to be replaced!"  

Yes, that was another aspect of the project making sure the front sections come out and the joints in the tracks match.    I inspected homes for buyers and am aware of that need.  Most of the time I just told the buyer the age and informed them when they should expect to replace, but added, it can fail at any time.  They typically last 20-25 years.  I condemned a few and told the current owner turn it off and repair or replace before you turn it back on.  MY CO detector probably saved a few lives.  The youngest furnace I condemned was 7 years old.  Something was dripping water slowly on the heat exchanger, likely a manufacturing defect.  I saw a small rust spot , touched it and  a hole opened.    The unit was probably never serviced.  Or the tech did not look close enough to catch it.    One DIY gent put a stud wall in front of the furnace, and it was impossible to service or change the filter, and he was upset with me for calling the defect!

I did replace the 17 year old Hot  heater before doing the scenery on the staging level even though it was working just fine.   They typically go 8-12 years so it was due. 


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