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Robert Veefkind

Thanks Rob   the cds decals dried up and (to me ) are useless. I emailed Republic and no answer yet. Have you ever seen the PFM model of # 70 ?  Thanks esp.John and others for the help   Bob V.

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Ozark Miniatures had the CDS line listed up until about a year or so ago, and the link is still there on their website.  I had ordered several sets from them just a couple of years ago, although they did not keep the line of dry transfers running.  I had assumed that they bought the line of dry transfers.  I attempted to make contact via email about a year ago and never got a response.
Republic Locomotive Works has WP&YR decals - only in white - and they ship fast.
Rob Bell
Modeling the White Pass & Yukon Route in HOn3
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CDS Dry Transfers and Robert Sloan Decals were the primary sources of WP&Y lettering.  Both are now long gone, but they occasionally turn up on EBay.
Republic Locomotive Works is the only source I know of that currently offers White Pass decals < ">https://www.republiclocomotiveworks.com>.  Republic is basically an N scale narrow gauge supplier, but their decals are available in N, HO, S & O.  This is possibly the widest range of narrow gauge lines currently available, although otherwise often fairly generic.  I believe that these are the Bob Sloan artwork.  See pages 10 & 11 of their listing for White Pass freight, slogans and heralds.
A quick scan also finds WestSide, EBT, D&RG, DSP&P, CCR, UPD&G, SR&RL, ET&WNC, OR&W/PRR, generic passenger, Pacific Coast, D&RGW, Mears roads, NCNG, NC&O, Uintah, logging roads, Sumpter Valley, SPNG, Nevada & California, Carson & Colorado, WP&Y, SPC, NPC, North Shore, Gramps tank, Conoco tanck, RGS Goose, D&RGW San Juan train.  Note that their web listing is a bit flaky: you cannot simply go back, but must use their previous, next, or page number links.
Labelle also offers freight car decals covering their surprisingly wide range of narrow gauge kits.
San Juan Models is mostly Colorado prototype, but also offers a few out of state lines.
Not a direct source, but Bill Mosteller of Great Model Railroad Decals < " data-mce-href="https://www.greatdecals.com/>">https://www.greatdecals.com/> has tried to compile a list of all suppliers <https://www.greatdecals.com/Decals.html>.
John Stutz
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Are they available for hon3 ? Microscale and Thinfilm do not list them.   Bob veefkind

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