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When I use to lay my own C70 rail and make my own switches etc I spiked every 7th tie. I first drilled .012 holes on either side of the rail, then pushed in the c70 spikes. I lost a lot that went to never never land and were never found, but for the most part it all worked out just fine. Now days, and at 74, my eye sight is not as good as it once was, probably to many hits the eye with flying spikes, sp I use Shinohara Flex track and switches. I still do make special things like gauge separation and special use switches though. I just figure that today I got better things to do than mumble under my breath after another spike disappears.


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They must sell those “small” spikes to O scale folks using code 100 and larger rail. Sure took a lot of effort to make them work for code 70 rail.

Jim Marlett

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I use to use micro engineering, but stopped using their spikes when I laid code 55. I began using proto 87 long spikes and loved them. They are sharp and the heads are really small. I even used them the on Code 40 spur. The spike heads are small enough that my flanges do not touch the spike heads. Couldn’t achieve this with Micro engineering spikes.

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