Re: Difficult Spikes


I use to use micro engineering, but stopped using their spikes when I laid code 55.  I began using proto 87 long spikes and loved them.  They are sharp and the heads are really small.  I even used them the on Code 40 spur.  The spike heads are small enough that my flanges do not touch the spike heads.  Couldn’t achieve this with Micro engineering spikes.

On Jan 11, 2021, at 10:10 AM, Jim Spencer <trainmanjs@...> wrote:

It sound to me like Micro Engineering could solve this by cutting the staples apart on an angle instead of 90 degrees.

Having said that, I’ve learned how to drive them using needle nose pliers with serrated points while gripping the spike and head about 2/3rds from the tip. They are far less likely to bend.

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