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Steven Haworth

I'm working (slowly) on Raggs' Ridgway depot kit myself at the moment; adding some interior detail & lighting - it's a great kit.  Raggs actually designed most of the depot kits for Banta btw - which explains why they're similar.
And btw - poking around Raggs' site I realized he's now doing an HO (as well as the earlier S) gauge model of the JJ Harris warehouse in Dolores.  I've had that warehouse in my layout design from day one, expecting to scratch build it, so this is really great news for me.

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On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 1:00 AM Mark Kasprowicz <mark@...> wrote:

If you've successfully built 'bundle of sticks' kits like Cambells you will easily adapt to lazer cut ones. The two that I find superb to deal will are Bill Banta and Joe Fuss (Raggs to Riches). Both produce lazer kits that fit together easily. The last Banta kit I made was the Sargents locomotive house with two extra bays. In fact the first ever kit I built when I returned to this hobby was Pagosa Junction and a little while ago I freshened it up and was able to obtain new windows and doors for it from Banta. But my greatest pleasure was finishing Joe Fuss's Ridgway depot, the full length version. In fact if you suffer rom Shinglitis (a fear of attaching shingles to walls and roofs) I might suggest passing on this one.
Mark K
Oxon England.

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