Re: Couplers for Precision Scale HOn3 BRASS

Jim Marlett

Most Colorado narrow gauge railroads used standard gauge couplers. The question really is whether Kadee’s narrow gauge couplers are actually standard gauge size and the so-called “scale" #158s are actually still oversized for standard gauge couplers. Or does it matter that much.

The question I have of #158 users is are there any problems associated with their use. I’m thinking of springs being too strong for the weight of the car and issues with electrical conductivity on Blackstone products. It looks like they would be a darned sight easier to use as #714 replacements than the new #705s.

Jim Marlett

On Dec 18, 2020, at 6:13 PM, Bodo Rasler <raslerb@...> wrote:

the head looks to me like HO size and not HOn3…
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I suggest Kadee #158 couplers.  They are dimensionally the same as the #714 couplers.  They don't droop and don't have to be assembled.
Ray in Colorado 

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