Re: precision oiler

John Stutz


Syringes with rubber seals fail because the oil dissolvs the rubber.  If you require a syringe, you will need to find one with a plastic seal.

All of the precision oilers, that I recall, simply use a needle tip on a small bottle or tube, and inject oil by squeesing.  With a really fine tube, this actually works fairly well.  It can take a bit of pressure to move even quite light oil through at a drop by drop rate, with one of my A-West bottles.

John Stutz

On December 19, 2020 7:08 AM John Hutnick <johnhutnick@...> wrote:

My question about oilers is more basic.  Not who will sell me oil.  Who sells an actual precision oiler with different needle sizes?  I have tried medical hypodermic syringes, put the plunger disintegrates.

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