Re: Updated album Peach Bottom Railway depot at Dorseys, Pa. #photo-notice


Thanks Brian. This model should look familiar, as you saw it at an early stage years ago at the Timonium show. I put it away for other things, but in the last month or two, something lit a fire under my caboose.

Stan White thinks my model is the first made from his plans, but I've seen you Fulton structure before. Did you work from his plans, or did you measure it yourself?

For the record, I'm not modelling the PBRW, but my free lance thing borrows heavily from it. My interchange with the big roads is laid out like Oxford, Pa. I'm planning several more structures from the Peach Bottom, including Fulton House station and several granaries. My trouble is that my normal speed is "glacial".

Love your EBT no.1 article in the Annual; I don't need an EBT 1, but an NB&W that runs would be great!

Mike Buckelew (jaybird)

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