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I can confirm that A-West is no longer with is.  Terry and his wife were killed in a car accident and the company suddenly stopped.  No further knowledge is known of the chemical make up of his weathering fluids and other materials.

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To the best of my knowledge , A-west is out of business. But you can find similar products on Amazon in a vast range of  needle diameters. Nano-Oil (made by  St. Claire)  comes in applicator pens and bottles with decreasing needle diameters as the viscosity of the oil decreases. Because of the way it works, Nano-Oil truly is the best stuff out there! You can find it on Amazon as well.

Dale Buxton

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A-West has a line of Stainless Needlepoint  bottles with different size tips.

Ken Martin

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> My question about oilers is more basic.  Not who will sell me oil.  Who sells an actual precision oiler with different needle sizes?  I have tried medical hypodermic syringes, put the plunger disintegrates.

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