Updated album Peach Bottom Railway depot at Dorseys, Pa. #photo-notice

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jaybird updated the album Peach Bottom Railway depot at Dorseys, Pa.: Depot was built of plastic, with roof shingles by Tichey; modified windows from Tichey and Grandt; foundation from the UK firm Wills. All the parts were primed with Krylon rattle can primer in white; the depot color is Poly-S TH&B Cream, brushed on; red trim is rattle can also. The platform and foundation are brushed on Craftsmart Satin Acrylics. Brian Budeit, this is the structure you saw at Timonium many years ago. After being set aside for a time, I finally finished it. (Well, after it's placed into the side of an embankment with steps added at both ends of the platform, it will be finished...)

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