estate was Re: [HOn3] NG&SLG - Complete Set - All but 5

Darryl Huffman

As so many of us do, I have a complete set of Gazettes and tons more stuff.

But, I have made it clear to my family and friends that they are to call a close by model railroader who is to come over and take everything away.

That person is to distribute my train stuff according to his desires without trying to sell anything with the intent of returning money to my family.

My life insurance will take care of my lovely bride of 48 years.

She doesn't need the headache of dealing with my toys.

For what it is worth, I have the Gazette on DVD plus all the issues back to #1.

I would choose the paper issues over the Gazette any day.

Something about paper over my monitor.

Darryl Huffman

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Remember, without closets, model manufacturers would never be profitable.

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