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Stoner creek is still around BUT I wouldn't buy from them . I oredeed a motor / gearbox from them earlier in the year . It took over 4 months to receive my package , and what I got was not what I ordered . It was a very cheep no name motor . It would have taken 32 bucks to ship back Germany  to get my refund . So naturally I felt cheated . Mike

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I saw that his prices were last updated in 2008.  It doesn't make sense to maintain a webpage if you're out of business.  Maybe he just doesn't want to deal with trans-Atlantic customers.

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Stoner Creek's web site was last updated in 2012, eight years ago.  I tried contacting him this past summer and got no response.

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Is Stoner Creek in Germany still around?  He offered a fantastic array of motors and gearboxes for lots of brass. Much more then Wayne form loco doc.

Alan in MN


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Hi Roger,


You should probably get a copy of this so you have all sorts of back issues of the Gazette.  It’s unfortunate that it’s not being kept up to date, but there is tons of good information in there.  It’s possible to run it on a newer Mac using Parallels or Fusion with a Window 10 virtual machine.  I run it on a Mac.


On that disk:


Jim Vail’s articles on Getting them running.  Most of this information is still valid. He was very thorough.  Mar/Aprl 1989 thru Mar/Apr 1990


Also on the archive disk, if you search, is Boone Morrisons articles.  He did a bunch of articles on reworking those FED models.  You’ll have to look up his articles.  There were lots as I recall.


My Brass Bashing articles:


Jan/Feb 2017

Mar/Apr 2017

May/Jun 2017


That last two are available on White River’s website as back issues.


I did some brass bashing on Lambert Geese too, but you’ll have to look that up.  They aren’t own that archive disk.


My May/Jun 2020 article contains information on acquiring LEDs, Tubing, screws and motors for brass projects.  The motor market has dried up since Covid, but the other information should be still valid.  This should be available as a back issue from White River.


The long article on rebuilding brass was in the 2009 HOn3 annual.  Also available from White River.  It includes a mason-bogie.


I’m puzzled by your comment on your comment that my articles don’t cover much on that particular topic.  Sure the other ones this year were on the Rico Coal Pocket, etc.  I write about lots of different things and people would get bored of reading about only one subject, but the current issue (at least it is supposed to) tackles exactly the problem you are facing.  The premise of the article is that people getting into the hobby are finding the HOn3 locomotive options expensive and not always available.  So I take the reader step by step through a (relatively) inexpensive approach to reworking older brass.  Maybe part 2 (Jan/Feb 2021) is needed to make it come together?  That issue should be out in about a month.

You are probably not going to find a specific answer to the project you have in mind.  Not a lot of people will work on HOn3 brass.  And of those, not a lot will write about it.  Also, many resources come and go.  Motors are a good example of that.  What’s available today, will likely be gone in months or years.  So what worked for someone at one time, might not have the resources to be replicated today.  You are going to have to figure out your project on your own.   All you can do is learn from others and learn from yourself by trying.  I’m no expert, but I keep learning from both of those things.  Every project is unique.  Getting back to the brass bashing articles.  I’m hoping that I show enough examples that the reader will get some ideas for their own projects.  I don’t expect that anyone would ever copy exactly what I’ve done. 


BTW.  If you read my articles you’ll notice an absence of gearbox swaps in HOn3.  That’s because there aren’t many options that I know of.  Most of the HO gearboxes are too big for HOn3.  And if you can fit one in an HOn3 engine, usually the motor is so small that it doesn’t have enough torque to turn it properly.  Those small engines you have will definitely fall into that category.  The only option is the 50:1 NWSL gearbox and I never had much luck with it.  There are older Kemtron ones if you can find them.  The options in HO right now is the larger HO (mod 3) NWSL gearboxes and the Samhongsa ones the guys on the Facebook group bring in.  Both are probably too big for most HOn3.  I try to re-use the HOn3 gearboxes as much as possible.  Although not perfect, you can use motors with gear heads or DCC to adjust your running performance to some degree. 


Lastly.  Here’s a source of ideas and parts that falls out of the view of the average north american modeller.  Maybe you can find some parts here.  I don’t have much experience with them.  I did order some driveline parts that I haven’t tried yet.  It took about 3 weeks to get the parts to Canada last month.


Good luck.





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Thanks for your reply and advice. Do you happen to have the NGSLG issues your brass-bashing articles have appeared in. Your articles this year, while great, don’t cover much on that particular topic — which is a big interest for me right now.


Looking forward to your reply and I’ll talk to you downstream~~~


— burnin’ rio

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Hi Roger,

Check out the current and past Narrow Gauge Gazettes for a bunch of “Brass bashing” articles that I’ve written.   They are step by step tutorials on rebuilding HOn3 brass.  I write about all the steps that I can think of, but you can pick and choose what things are important to you and skip the rest.   In the current issue (Nov\Dec 2020) I talk about picking a suitable subject and start a 2 article series on doing exactly what you are asking about.  

In the past I’ve done a bunch of other brass bashing projects in the Gazette too.  Sure they aren’t the same models you are looking at but the concepts and advice are the same.  Earlier this year I wrote about obtaining parts, motors, etc.  Much of that has changed since Covid, but there is still good information there.  In the 2009 or 2010 HOn3 annual (still available from white river), I wrote an exhaustive series on painting brass.  I think there is the same mason bogie in that article that you have.  I did up 3-5 bogies at the time.   Around 1990, Jim Vail wrote a long series on the Gazette on reworking brass.  Most of his ideas stand today.  I’m thinking about writing a supplement for it on what has changed.

The remoter and repower group is great as someone else suggested.  There is a brass workshop group on Facebook with decent information.  Probably the best info is the page owners periodically go to Samhongsa and do a bulk buy on gearboxes, motors and details.  They are currently looking to source some good motors that would be suitable for HOn3. 

If you want to save yourself some pain, try remotoring, etc a HO standard gauge brass engine first.  You’ll learn a lot about the process without the pain of working in HOn3. I do a lot of standard gauge engines.  I thoroughly enjoy the process.  I slowed down significantly on  the HOn3 models because I find it much more tedious and frustrating. My eyes aren’t what what they used to be too.

Good luck.  The information is out there if you look for it.  With practice, you’ll get good at reworking those engines.

Craig Symington.


Roger Clay

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