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Those lost sources have been replaced by absolutely fantastic ones like Harris Hobbies, Craig’s Colorado Narrow Gauge and others.
Stoner Creek in Germany still sells great remoter kits, Blackstone are very sought after and blow away anything that was made 20 years ago, tons of brass comes up on eBay. Southwest Narrow Gauge has a lot though a little pricey. 
Track is far improved, Tsunamis and DCC takes it to a whole new level.
HOn3 has never had it so good, except maybe a few years back when Blackstone was on shelves but that’s a factory issue they can hopefully work though. 
Just my 2 cents.

On Dec 17, 2020, at 12:36 PM, Wayne <waynewtaylorii@...> wrote:

I feel your pain.  I, too, returned to the hobby about 2 years ago, after an absence of 20 years.  What I've found is that model railroading is a dying hobby and all of my good old sources are gone.  HOn3 has been hit the hardest.  And now there's also the division between DC and DCC.
My local hobby shop, Trains West, is long gone. Great HOn3 sources like Mitchells and Caboose Hobbies are gone.  Northwest Short Line's available motors are now mostly useless for HOn3'ers.
Loco Doc has shut down.
About the only source for HOn3 parts, locos and cars is eBay and most of those listings are misleading and definitely overpriced.
This having been said, the hobby still is alluring to many of us.  I've gotten a lot of good information from the Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette, especially the older issues.  Also, some of the HOn3 Annuals have been helpful to me, but not the newest issues.
Hang in there.  Part of the fun is the research.

Wayne Taylor

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