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martin feldwick

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Coincidence I was about to ask the same  .I bought a couple of FED's in the full knowledge they run like drunken pigs .Mainly as I have the Sloane decals to [aint them .I still want a PFM Mason bogies .I painted a couple for Victors a few decades a go or four  and still fancy one for myself .Not sure whether to rip out all geraring in teh FED's and fit NWSL gearboxes or try a new morot in the tender first .Any lost  souls on here done this ? Harrystoyshop on EBay UK have quite few variants of these if any one wants one.I bought a 2-6-0 and a 4-4-0 and plan to pain them as D.S.P .& .P.R.R.

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The 7th direction, is that something like the 9th House?

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Subject: [HOn3] I'm looking for a remotoring-regearing guru/mentor

Hi folks,

I’m just returning to the hobby after several decades, and I’m looking for someone that can provide me with insight, suggestions and some handholding around picking and installing motors and drive mechanisms in a variety of HOn3 locos (FED Spartan 2-8-0, 4-4-0, 2-6-0) an old United 2-6-6t Mason Bogie). I’ve done a bunch of Google searches and they leave my head spinning. I really want to learn this aspect of the hobby, but it’s feeling a little overwhelming and some clear advice or a place to find a good step-by-step tutorial, would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.


— burning rio

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