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Mark Lewis


Here is a 1:48 scale drawing of C&S Caboose #1006, from Carstens/White River Productions :Slim Gauge Cars" - Second Edition, that shows the underside detail, that may be helpful in placing your brake lever assembly.

Mark Lewis
Narrow gauge modeling in North Carolina

On Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 1:01 PM Bodo Rasler <raslerb@...> wrote:

Thanks Bob,


unfortunately the photo is too small and blurred and the drawing does not really show what I am looking for.


Thanks anyway for trying to help!



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Found these links. Hope they help answer your needs.




Grandt Line No. 5234 HOn3 Colorado & Southern Caboose #1000 Built | #413...

You are bidding on Grandt Line HOn3 no. 5234 Colorado & Southern Caboose #1000. The model has been kitbashed int...




Crain's DSP&P Railroad Pages | Plans by Harry Brunk

Crain's Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad - DSP&P RR Plans by Harry Brunk DSP&P Cars In C&S Era.


Bob Burgoyne



On Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 5:52:05 PM CST, Bodo Rasler <raslerb@...> wrote:



Hello group,

maybe someone can be of help. The instructions for this model are very elaborate - many pages! However, not necessarily clear - not to talk about the drawings!

I am having some problems with the underbody detailing. Does anyone know a link to a movie? I found nothing when googling.

The Break lever assembly (7a) is supposed to attach to a part that is nowhere mentioned in the drawings or part list. Can it be that it has to be glues UNDER (10) Brake shoes / hangers assy?

Does anyone have photos of a finished model from below?

Bodo Rasler
Berlin / Germany

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