Re: Backdrop construction

Mike Conder

Hey Don, can you get a picture of this?  I would love to see it (and your layout as well.)

Mike Conder

On Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 6:43 PM Don Bergman <DBRenegade@...> wrote:
I used 1/8" styrene for the backdrop in my peninsula and needed to paint both sides.  I wanted every 1/4" I could get for the scenery.    I needed a piece 12' x 2' for the backdrop.  I purchased 2- 4x8 pieces cut into4 pieces 8x2' then laminated 3 of them staggering the joint and had a 2x8' piece left over. (It has about all been used up.)   Don't recall how I treated the joint probably drywall joint compound but the joints can be noticed mostly on one side where it is mostly sky, not so much on the other side where it is mostly painted.   I suspended it from the ceiling, so it took 1/4" layout space.  I made provision in case it moved when walking above but it was not needed.   Very happy with the results.  I'd use it again. I wish I had used it on the outside wall where curving the corner would have been much easier than drywell!

Don Bergman

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