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Russ Norris uses a Polaroid Cube video camera.  I believe his is the original, not the newer Cube II.  His is self-contained.  His videos are excellent.

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I am just starting to ask the same question about these little cameras. It seems we are jumping in the middle of the river. We need to get smart about FPV cameras first (First Person View). They are put on these multi-blade copters and give the pilot a view. That hobby has married these cameras to virtual reality headsets for the superman perspective while flying. The videos are pretty amazing.

So far I have figured out I need an FPV camera and a separate FPV DVR for recording.  The DVR is a small square PCB and uses an SD card. Last week RunCam CS told me they don't sell a phone app controller interface but there are some youtube videos that suggest you can do that. I am still trying to understand the power interface and configuration part of these set ups. RunCams product documentation is severely lacking (they assume you are FPV savvy) but their latest cameras get good reviews. The generic FPV schematic I saw last night showed an FPV camera wired to an FPV DVR which was wired to a "flight controller module". I am wondering if we can replace the flight controller module with a DCC motor or light controller and battery but I need to get smarter first before I jump in. The good news is these cameras seem very reasonable......

Anybody got a good FPV beginner tutorial link??

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