Re: Backdrop construction

Russ Norris

Bill, I put in a backdrop from Backdrop Junction -- no longer in business -- and mounted it on sheets of Masonite (now called particle board).  The height was 19" and the length was 17 feet.  The board was easy tp work with and handle.  It was also flexible enough to curve.  I would use it again.


On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 6:23 PM Bill Lugg <luggw1@...> wrote:
I'm getting close to needing to construct a removable backdrop on my
layout.  It will be in sections and be about 24" to 30" tall, hiding
track that runs behind a yard.  I'm considering either 1/8" Masonite (or
whatever they call it these days) or luan.  I figure the lighter the
better and I'd like to form part of it into a curve so flexibility is a
consideration too.  I've never used luan so don't know what it's like.

What do you that have handled both recommend?

Bill Lugg

Russ Norris, MMR
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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