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lloyd lehrer

bill, have you considered 4x8 sheets of .050 styrene, it will stand on end and curve and takes paint.  Luan is  much lighter than both styrene and masonite ( the untempered is lighter than the tempered version), but not as flexible. It may still handle a curve depending on the radius.

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On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 3:23 PM Bill Lugg <luggw1@...> wrote:
I'm getting close to needing to construct a removable backdrop on my
layout.  It will be in sections and be about 24" to 30" tall, hiding
track that runs behind a yard.  I'm considering either 1/8" Masonite (or
whatever they call it these days) or luan.  I figure the lighter the
better and I'd like to form part of it into a curve so flexibility is a
consideration too.  I've never used luan so don't know what it's like.

What do you that have handled both recommend?

Bill Lugg

lloyd lehrer

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