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George I tried sending this direct but got a kickback so I will send it this way:

George:  I am fortunate in that this comes up right when I am putting the information together to make a powered flat car with a small cab in the center.  I have ordered a Stanton Drive from NWSL 6'6" with 33 inch wheels to power it.  The drive system on the LO&S intrigues me though.  Where can I get more information on it.  Do you have drawings or what?  I am working on full filling the last Certificate of Achievement of the 11 in the NMRA, Motive Power.  I have the other 10 and actually received the MMR status back in 1993, #200.  I have one rail bus I built and this will be #2 of the three required.  The side frames on the trucks, do you know the length?  The 6'6" Stanton Drive I ordered will emulate the normal trucks I think.  Interesting that the drive went basically down the king pin.  I would love to see how they did that.
Some pix off my RR

David Barron
Winter Graden, FL

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Hi, guys,

Here's an in-service shot of the LO&S car on the LO&S.

George Pierson

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