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Mike Conder

There is a CriCut FB group out there called "Modeling with the CriCut.". I joined because I have one, and some pretty good work is there.  All the stuff so far is related to model RR's. 

And yes people are cutting styrene with it.  At least 0.020" and I think up to 0.040".   The trick is to make multiple passes, which is easy since you don't move the plastic on the backer sheet between cuts.  

It's perfect for doing building sides, car sides, window frames, etc.  You can do all four sides of a building with a mix of cuts and scoring, then folks over all four sides to make a box. 

You do have to use the CriCut design software to run it but it takes all sorts of file formats.  I've used .DWG and other formats with my CriCut.  

My only issue is that I've been trying to cut shingles for an RGS conical water tank roof without success.  The design apparently is too complex for the CriCut software, even when I broke it down into 4 sections.  

Miles Hale has some YouTube videos on his user of the CriCut IIRC. 

Mike Conder

On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 5:02 PM Dusty <> wrote:
OK,I know this isn't the Cricut List but if anyone has used the Maker I have three questions. Black Friday prices in effect.

1. Has anyone made a stencil for a roof sign. I'd like to spray a weak sign.
2. Has anyone cut/scribed styrene. I hate laying out windows so even scribed locations would be great.
3. Any other Model RR uses?

Please contact me off line or by phone.

Dusty Burman
623 261-8707

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