Re: Centerline N Scale Rail Cleaner

John Stutz


It looks like this was adapted from a version that used truck mounted couplers, and whoever did the adaption tried to duplicate that arrangement.  Unless the coupler extension plates are rigidly attached to the body casting, and the trucks free to pivot underneath, I anticipate your having considerable trouble with derailments, due to the trucks tipping under the prying actin of the off center load on the coupler extensions. 

I would shorten the casting's pivot post so it rides at the desired height when carried directly on the trucks.  Then shorten the inner end of the coupler extensions and open their center holes so they fit over the casting's pivot posts.  Solder the extensions to the posts, allowing a little clearance for the truck bolsters, and adjust the coupler height.  You may need to narrow the extensions to clear the wheels on tight curves.  

This will give a body that behaves like an ordinary car, while shortening the truck pivot centers, which reduces roller offset on tight curves.

Jon Stutz

On November 21, 2020 3:24 PM Dusty <> wrote:

I saw this on Ebay and now I'm the proud owner. Anyone use this for Hon3? What kind of modifications do you suggest? Or is this not a really practical adaptation of this unit. Someone has performed modifications for Hon3 but I'm interested in other ideas for this modification.

Dusty Burman 
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