Re: Rivarossi Heisler kitbash??

John Stutz


There is an online video review of the Hornby/Rivarossi 2-truck Heisler.  Google "Hornby HO Heisler Locomotive".  Hornby supplied a traction tire equipped wheel set, and the reviewer does an instillation, providing a fair view of the truck's internals. 

If you do try a conversion using the MDC parts available from Wiseman,  follow the Heisler/Rivarossi approach, and use only one geared axle, with the other driven by side rods via well quartered crank pins.  Attempting to use two geared axles will require that the quartering also be consistent with respect to the worm gears, and that the the worms be consistent with respect to axle spacing - which will be far more difficult to achieve. 

Having once seriously contemplated building an HOn3 version of the 3-truck Rivarossi Heisler, I will note that most of the larger narrow gauge ones used outside framed trucks with disc cranks for the side rods.  If you don't have the late Ben Kline's book on Heisler Locomotives, get it.

John Stutz

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