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John Stutz


I intended to recommend a PCB retainer plate and wipers on the drivers, but several corespondents have already done so.  The advantage of driver wipers is that they do not reduce tractive effort as rail wipers do, and the locomotive's occasional slipping keeps the drivers cleaner than idler wheels. Very light pressure on a very small contact area will give good electrical contact without adding much drag.

Incidentally, there is a sort of prototype for your ?-8-4t: The Costa Rica Ry used inside framed 2-6-0s for road service, and outside framed 0-6-4Ts for helpers.  They had 4 from Baldwin (1892-6), and 1 from Nasmyth-Wilson in 1900.  These were side tank engines of 3'6" gauge.  There's a photograph and dimensions for the Baldwin, as built, in Modern Locomotives 1900, entry #141, p 201 & 221, at

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I'm VERY interested!
Mike Conder

Hello All.

caught a break today, actually had some time to tinker at the train bench:

made a little progress even.

one thing (trailing truck)  is now decided. it will be a ?-8-4t.

as this is a saddle tanker, i will have to pick up one leg of current from somewhere, so, it will have to come from the trailing truck, and possibly the lead truck.
the drivers will supply the other leg.


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