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Jim Marlett

If you’ve used Fast Tracks jigs for years, you should really have no trouble building your own wyes. The only slightly tricky part is the frog. I build mine on the work bench, then spike them down on the layout. For the three wyes I built not that long ago, I filed the stock rails, points and frogs on the Fast Tracks devices for doing that, used the #6 jig that I had to form the guard rails, then  laid them out and spiked them down on a piece of cedar that had the radii, etc. drawn on. My old brass track gauges were used as well as an NMRA gauge. Rollie Holders can be used to hold things in place away from the soldering, but be careful – they melt (ask me how I know). I don’t like using circuit board ties, so I didn’t on my wyes. I do use a minimum number of circuit board ties on the switches I build in Fast Tracks jigs, but not all they call for.

Because the points are shorter on wyes, I hinge the points. My method is complex and insulates the point rails from the frog at the hinge and supplies current from below, but I won’t go into it here. There are a number of methods for hinging points, including the way shown in a video on the Fast Tracks web page.

Having point isolated from the closure rails gives me an advantage electrically. Because I use live frogs controlled by Frog Juicers, I don’t need the little short frogs electrically isolated from the rest of the track. My electrical gaps are where the points meet the closure rails and about an inch or so beyond the frog on the other end. This makes it much easier to spike the frog assembly in place, then just spike the rest of the rails where they need to be.

Jim Marlett

On Nov 8, 2020, at 10:15 AM, Robert Herrick <rdherrick@...> wrote:

I'm in need of one Wye turnout. I've used Fast Tracks jigs for years, but I have a hard time justifying investing in a jig for one turnout (but you do what you gotta do). Not interested in handlaying so my options appear to be BK or Railway Engineering. I have no experience with BK and my link to Railway Engineering no longer works. Need some advice.


Bob Herrick

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