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Alan Kilby

The BK turnouts I got were on a skeleton loosely gauged that required spiking and gauging,they may have them gauged on ties.The quality of components were good but wait time excessive(3 months) and they were wrong turnouts when I got them first time.I would make sure to send description of what you want ,make sure they have order straight,talk to real live person if possible,I got 2 lefts instead of rights and they were code 83 not 70,get a time of when you will get turnout.When I talked with them on phone to tell them I got wrong order they were very accommodating and replaced them without question.This was 14 years ago so things have likely changed.
 Railway engineering website is currently down as he's building layout.

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I'm in need of one Wye turnout. I've used Fast Tracks jigs for years, but I have a hard time justifying investing in a jig for one turnout (but you do what you gotta do). Not interested in handlaying so my options appear to be BK or Railway Engineering. I have no experience with BK and my link to Railway Engineering no longer works. Need some advice.


Bob Herrick

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