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You can get that copper foil sticky tape at any outlet that deals with stained glass windows.  It can be gotten in most widths, a good variety to have on hand is recommended.   In addition to what has been talked about here, you can use it inside structures, stuck to walls or under "wall paper" or sandwiched between wood, or even painted, to run power around in structures.  To change directions one only has to fold the tape and never cut it.   I also use it for copper roofs on structures as well.  With the proper chemicals you can weather the "real copper" and make it various shades of green.

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Not sure of availability in Europe but here in the U.S. Amazon has it.  I bought a four roll pack (life time supply) for $12.  Search "copper foil tape".

I used mine for a electric distribution bus inside my East Broad Top roundhouse.

Never thought of it for on an engine or rolling stock.  Thanks Mark!

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