Re: MDC Moose Jaws Loco

Mike Conder

Yes, that works and is better than relying on tender or pilot trucks.  

IIRC best way was something about epoxying a PC tie to the gear cover plate, with phosphor bronze wire solder to it so it can rub on the back tread of the insulated driver.  May be thinking of another loco though ... been a while since I looked into it. 

Mike Conder

On Sat, Nov 7, 2020 at 10:41 PM Bill Lugg <luggw1@...> wrote:
Couldn't you pick up off the insulated side of the drivers with some
carefully placed wipers?

Just a thought...
Bill Lugg

On 11/7/20 7:25 PM, kevin b via wrote:
> I'm VERY interested!
> Mike Conder
> Hello All.
> caught a break today, actually had some time to tinker at the train bench:
> made a little progress even.
> one thing (trailing truck)  is now decided. it will be a ?-8-4t.
> as this is a saddle tanker, i will have to pick up one leg of current
> from somewhere, so, it will have to come from the trailing truck, and
> possibly the lead truck.
> the drivers will supply the other leg.
> thanks.
> Kevin.

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