Re: Staining ties

Jim Marlett

I stain mine in a plastic jar in which the stain lives its life. I dump in a bunch of ties, swish them around, let them soak until I think they are done, then I fish them out with forceps or if my nitrile gloves are handy, I use my fingers. My removal method could be improved by using a strainer and two jars. I pile them on a couple of layers of newspaper and blow them dry with a hair dryer. I hold the hair drier pretty high so I don’t blow the ties all over the place and use my other nitrile-gloved hand to move them around so they don’t stick to each other and don’t form lines in the stain where they cross. The alcohol dries pretty quickly. A dish would work, but that seems like a lot of effort for ties. I’ve left ties in the stain from a few minutes to overnight.

Jim Marlett

On Oct 31, 2020, at 2:20 PM, Bill Lugg <> wrote:

So then you leave the stain in the dish - how do you get the ties out? How many (about) do you stain at a time?


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