Toma 2-truck Shay and 0-4-0 Porter Kits

John Stutz


The O&K 0-4-0Ts, and presumably the Porters aso,  use the Joe Works arrangement with a vertical can motor driving a train of spur gears.  But these gears have much finer teeth than Joe Works used, so give a higher reduction ratio, which slows the locomotives  down. 

The Shay drive drawing shows a tiny open frame motor mounted on the rear truck, driving a line shaft through an approximately 2:1 reduction.  Assuming the common 15:1 near minimal worm reduction, gives 30:1 total, which should provide decent speeds.  For even slower speeds, replace the initial gears with a Nigel Lawton square belt drive, at about 3:1.  Eliminating the high speed gears should be quieter.

In the parts section, Toma is offering 7 & 8mm by 16mm coreless motors, which may be his new standard.  If so, new production should perform better than current.  

The Shay's motor fills the tank, but a small decoder might be put under a large wood pile.  See photos of Sumpter Valley tenders for ideas.  If you enclose the Shay's cab there is plenty of room, even for sound.  It's a T-boiler Shay, so the boiler is needed for weight.  For the Porter, one might get a really small decoder in under the roof.  Slightly dirty windows all round might be needed, but at normal viewing angles a cab roof can hide a lot.

The English language home page indicates that an HOn3 version of the Shay is already planned, but an HOn30 WW&F Forney is next up.  He is also planning a 009 (1/76 scale, 9mm gauge) version of the 13t Shay, which will scale out to about 20t in HO.

John Stutz

On October 28, 2020 5:10 PM captaindavekrembs via <captaindavekrembs@...> wrote:

I have had several Ken Kidder Porters and thee look a world better. Hope they are not "slot racers" and have room for decoders.
On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 10:21 PM Brian Booth via <carcrazy832=> wrote:
Toma Model Works has been producing some nice HOn30 model locomotives.  A friend has the HOn30 model of a Porter 0-4-0 and says it runs very well with it's preassembled chassis.  I emailed Kenji Toma and asked if there was any possibility of a HOn3 version in the future.  He replied that several had inquired about an HOn3 version and he was considering including HOn3 in a future run.  Does anyone else in this group want such a loco?  Perhaps if others express interest to Toma, that may increase the chances for production of some small HOn3 locos.  Below is the web address for this product which includes photos.

I have no connection with Toma Model Works; I'd just like to be able to purchase some of these small engines in HOn3 myself some day.


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