Re: Would anyone like a 0-4-0 Porter in HOn3?

martin feldwick

On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 10:21 PM Brian Booth via <> wrote:
Toma Model Works has been producing some nice HOn30 model locomotives.  A friend has the HOn30 model of a Porter 0-4-0 and says it runs very well with it's preassembled chassis.  I emailed Kenji Toma and asked if there was any possibility of a HOn3 version in the future.  He replied that several had inquired about an HOn3 version and he was considering including HOn3 in a future run.  Does anyone else in this group want such a loco?  Perhaps if others express interest to Toma, that may increase the chances for production of some small HOn3 locos.  Below is the web address for this product which includes photos.

I have no connection with Toma Model Works; I'd just like to be able to purchase some of these small engines in HOn3 myself some day.


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