Re: Steve Hatch

Jesse Day

Hmmmmmm. That's exactly what I am waiting on. Last time I heard from Steve was back in August and he said his priority was " getting his layout completed, Period." but he did say that he would get to them in about a month. So I waited for a month and then sent him an email, no response. Then I waited another two weeks and sent another email, no response. Waited a month sent another and guess what? Yep, you got it, No Response! Now I am at the end of the time allowed to file a dispute through PayPal and honestly I really don't want to do that. I completely understand the trials and tribulations of trying to run your own company, and being a one man operation is even more difficult. But at the same time accepting money from customers and not fulfilling their orders is not the way to keep in business. At this point I am unsure what I will be doing. All I really want is the gauges to work on my own layout. Anybody out there have a couple code 40 and code 55 HOn3 Rollee Holders they might want to part with? Hopefully the $40 or so dollars I paid went to something worthwhile for Steve's layout.

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