Re: How To Paint Black Styrene Models

Ric Case

Wayne you can still spray a couple of light coats of gray over the paint you have already sprayed as long as it isn’t too thick of a application.
I’ve always used floquil. 
I don’t really like the water based paint but sometime soon I’ll have to start looking at it  

Ric Case 
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Hamilton Ohio 

On Oct 21, 2020, at 6:51 PM, Wayne <waynewtaylorii@...> wrote:

Thanks for all the tips.  Can't believe this information can't be found on an internet search.  Glad I did it on a lower priced model that had missing parts and had been started by the prior owner and not done that well.  Chalk it up to the cost of education.

On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 4:45 PM Rick Rhode via <> wrote:
Definitely use a grey primer.  I use either a light gray NON filling primer from Walmart or Tamiya light gray primer.

On Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 05:35:10 PM EDT, Towne Comee <prowordsmith@...> wrote:

Recommendation would have been to apply a couple of coats of thin primer first - before painting.  Using a neutral color (light grey or a muted white) will make a uniform surface and will enable the final paint to be all one shade.  It can vary when laid upon black and other sections are white.

Wayne Taylor

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