Re: Grab iron spacing from body

John Stutz


Ladders & Handholds (clearance): 2 1/2" preferred, no maximum, 2" minimum.. Taken from ARA Safety Appliance Standards, Plates C - R,printed in the 19125 Car Builders Cyclopedia on pp 959-978,and reproduced in Tran Shed Cyclopedia #68. This one applies to all car types, and all constructions of ladders and handholds.

I understand that the ARA standards are the railroad's explication of the ICC safety standards of circa 1910.

John Stutz

On October 1, 2020 at 5:26 PM Dusty <> wrote:

I've been setting my grab irons out from the box car car sides using .030 x .060 styrene strip in various lengths for spacers. According to the chart on the Evergreen package that's 2 5/8 ". Does that sound about right?

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