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So this is incorrect?



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The issue with the DP 461 is that both models are wrong.  

The RGS version doesn’t have the prominent pipe that ran up the RH side of the tender and terminated in a shutoff valve.  Nobody has ever modelled this correctly, not DP, not Blackstone, not PSC in the 1992 run. PSC did attempt it on the mid80s detail update they did on the Westside K27, the two cab version, but they bent the pipe over into the top of the tender instead of terminating it at the shutoff valve.  BTW everyone whose done RGS 20 has also got the same error; late on it also had a pipe up the rear half of the RH side of the tender that ended in a shutoff valve. NG Pictorial V1 p39 shows 461s tender, and the RGS 20 Quick pic book shows the valve on RGS20s tender.

The D&RGW version of 461 has the wrong steps at the tender front.  There was a period when the tender had some strap steps at the front, see NG Pictorial V11 pages 96 and 97.  See also on P97 that it has a tiny Flying Rio Grande on the cab, instead of D&RGW. I have seen these strap steps on one model, PBLs hybrid 461, but on their RGS version, which should have had the traditional steps. And that Sn3 RGS 461 is still missing the pipe up the RH side.

Ah well.  And don’t get me started on the DP 36/37 errors, including a completely wrong tender on 492.


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