Re: Division Point K-27 question

Scott McLeod

At the time of the release of Division Points K-27 and K-28s, I was unaware of Division Point as an importer.  Thankfully I learned about them in time to find both a K-28 and K-27 to purchase.  Since I model the RGS and D&RGW circa 1938-1942, the K-27 I was after was #461 in the D&RGW livery.  I wasn’t able to locate one, so I contacted DP and Jack V informed me that there were only 3 of the 25 models painted in the D&RGW livery.  So, I settled on purchasing a #461 in the RGS Sunrise herald thinking that someday, I would re-letter it in the D&RGW scheme.


Well, with the Blackstone release of K-27s, that day never came as I picked up a Blackstone #461.  So my DP #461 is still in its original paint scheme…


I continued to watch for a DP #461 in the D&RGW livery.  This past year one became available on  It sold in a flash.


Scott McLeod

HOn3 RGS/D&RGW Ridgway -  Durango

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