Re: Tortoise side mounting???

Ric Case

I have used the factory remote mounts for these types of mounts! 
They worked out great. 
Ive also used these for crossover links to throw two turnouts with one tortoise machine! 

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On Sep 27, 2020, at 7:46 PM, lloyd lehrer <lloydlehrer@...> wrote:

Mount the upside down at the back wall and use a rod to link the throw under the roadbed

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On Sun, Sep 27, 2020, 3:51 PM asandrini <asandrini@...> wrote:
I have only 12" between my middle and upper deck.  The center shelf is 15" deep, while the upper shelf is 22" deep. With a 3" fascia, I can see the bottom half of two tortoise machines located near the front edge of the shelf.

I have had to embed two machines in my lower level in 2" foam and used R/C bell ranks to change the direction of force from the machine to the turnout. Works perfectly.

My center shelf has no foam to surface mount the machine, nor do I have the space to rig up a bellcrank system.

I was wondering: 

Glue a block of 1x2 under the turnout, beneath the subroadbed

Mount the machine with the moving mechanism facing up

Heated a piece of wire and insert it into the moving black block 

Run the end of the wire up to the turnout throwbar

Would this work?

I might need to use a finer wire, as the length of throw may be too much.  The lighter wire would increase in pressure at the end limits to about the same stress as the larger wire in the normal operating position.

Any ideas?


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