Re: DC Power Supply Search

David Laverick

Asked Digitrax today and this was their response:

Dear david laverick,

Hello David,

Both the Zephyr Express and Evolution Express Starter Sets will let you run analog decoders on address 00. The Zephyr Express will allow hookup of (2) DC power packs to use as extra throttles.

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Your The Digitrax Help Desk Team,

On Sep 22, 2020, at 9:13 PM, Gordon <boomer1944@...> wrote:

Sell ? Oh NO! ... one I use for my HOn30 portion of my layout. The other is for a future(?) switching set of modules using DC. I have some nice brass locos and others not converted to DCC I painted and detailed years ago... can't do that anymore. The throttles are still in excellent condition... keepers.


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