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Are you up to building your own?  A SWAC/2 is a great throttle and has memory - speed won’t change when you unplug, move to a different location, and plug in again.

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Earl, before I got into PFM Sound, I used MRC 501 transformers.  I actually took them apart, removed the rheostat and used a telephone cable between the transformer and a small box with a metal lid that screwed on that I got at Radio Shack.  I also installed a double pole double throw center off toggle so I could reverse direction or just shut the power off.  I put the MRC units under the layout and have about 20 feet of cable so I had a 40 foot reach.  One end went into the transformer and the other into the bottom end of the box.  I had a loop on the top of the box so I could hang it up on hooks on the side of the layhout.  Since my room was only 30 x 30 that was enough.  Worked like a champ.

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After many years I am getting back into HOn3 and once settled into my new house, I can start on my first layout in over 30 years.

The layout will be a one-man operation, with one train running at a time.  I will be doing old-school DC.  With over 25 HOn3 locomotives that I'd like to see running at some time or another, adding DCC decoders to all of them is.....well not going to happen.

I have found there is very little in the way of DC quality power supplies available today.  Looking through Walther's catalog, MRC seems to be the only one left in business.  I need to have tethered walk around capability, which further limits my choices.

Any and all suggestions appreciated,


Wayne Cohen

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