Re: A touch of Ebay Madness?

kevin b

i can remember gas at .39 a gallon. free glass with 8 gallon fill up.
'course, i was ridin' not drivin' yet.

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Darn youngsters.  I am so old that I remember the gas wars!  Gas was 8 to 12 cents a gallon and they threw in dishes, towels, or other special offerings to entice you to get the whole set of what evers.  I remember in 1965 when I filled my take up for 46 cents!  Of course it was a Honda 50 Super Sport motor bike! hahahhaha

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Funny Russ.  I too paid as low as $0.19/gal!

And when I tell the Juniors and Seniors in our Electrical Technology class I was paid $1.05/hr when I started at McDonald's they can't imagine working for that wage.  But then I tell them burgers were $0.17 and cheeseburgers were $0.19 and their eyes bug out! 

With cinders in your eyes,
Bruce Bowie

On Sun, Sep 20, 2020, 11:05 AM Russ Norris <rbnorrisjr@...> wrote:
Of course, $20 back then would correspond to a much bigger dollar figure today.  I don't know when that kit came out, but I am old enough to remember gas for 19 cents a gallon.


On Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 10:16 AM Bill Lugg <luggw1@...> wrote:
Yes, the price tag on the box says it was $20 from Jim's Junction.

I really hope somebody is able to pick up the Rio Grande Models line as
Eric has a lot of important kits and parts in it and his casting are

Bill Lugg

On 9/20/20 3:36 AM, Dale Buxton wrote:
> Rio Grande's web site is still up and it says $20.00 for this kit.
> This situation is only going to deepen if Eric's kit line goes the way
> of the Dodo. The asking prices for Jordan Highway Miniatures has gone
> completely insane! Only hard core collectors of HO scale vehicles can
> afford them now. From time to time you may find a deal where the
> seller isn't looking to gouge anyone but those days are swiftly coming
> to an end.
> Dale Buxton
> On Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 2:48 AM Mark Kasprowicz <mark@...
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>     Not sure how much this kit was when still in production but I'm
>     sure it wasn't anywhere near this.
>     Mark K
>     Oxon

Russ Norris, MMR
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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