Re: Turnouts for the New Layout

Scott McLeod

Hello everyone,


The discussion on the Fast Tracks code 70 HOn3 turnouts peeked my interest, especially after having a fair amount of difficulty getting 10 of them to work on my new layout.  In fact, having to build multiple turnouts for a given location in order to arrive at one that gives the appearance of working has turned into a bit of a time suck as I endeavor to show my new ‘infant’ layout for the upcoming narrow gauge convention.  Anyway…


In order to arrive at a contingency plan ‘B’, I wanted to ask the group their impressions of the Micro Engineering code 70 HOn3 switches.  Any impressions good or bad are most welcome.  Thanks in advance.


Scott McLeod

HOn3 RGS/D&RGW Ridgway - Durango

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