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Take some wooden paint sturing sticks and spray them with spray on glue.  Then wrap them in sand paper.  They work great and are easily controlled.  I have them done in various grit sandpapers.

I started on Labelle kits back in the 1960's.  The one thing that  you should do is make a drilling jig for the wire hand grabs.  It keeps them level and properly spaced apart on freight cars.  I always finished mine with floquil paints and I put Sierra Scale Models real scale glass on the inside of the windows instead of the plastic. they look so much better.  I put full interiors in my cars as well.  Used up a lot of Grandt Line Coach seats, put dividers in and even had an RPO and observation car with tables, chairs and a kitchen.

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I highly recommend LaBelle's roof rounding kits for shaping the roof. You can find them on the website under button 3 parts and accessories. They're easy to use and just takes some good sandpaper (a sanding block helps greatly), and a little patience and you'll have a fine looking roof. 

Your call of course whether you want the Labelle roof or MRGS. Enjoy building. I think LaBelle's are fine kits.

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Pine Level NC

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