Sanding Sealer (was: A Rookie and La Belle Kits)

Bill Lugg

Maybe this has been covered and I missed it...

What are folks using for a sanding sealer on wood these days to get that hard varnish appearance on passenger cars, for example?

Bill Lugg

On 9/11/20 5:05 PM, LARRY KLOSE wrote:

I built my first LaBelle kit shortly after the passenger cars were introduced—I still remember the issue of Model Railroader with a photo of the introductory kit on the cover, January 1960.  I was 13 and I built the same kit as reviewed with little difficulty.  It was one of the first really complex craft kits I built.  I had few problems and it came out fine.  I think the kits are a good starter as long as the instructions are followed.  Painting will be the most difficult thing to deal with; as a nearly all wood kit it will need either solvent based paints or an application of either sanding sealer or primer before painting with acrylics to discourage warping and raised grain.

I’ve found that just jumping in and doing it is the best way to get going.

Good luck!


PS: According to the review that kit retailed for $4.95, postpaid.

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