Re: Help in the Portland, OR area?


Bill M,

I have experienced the same issue on nearly every layout I have built.  With the current Covid problem I haven't been able to have my crew (I am the youngest at 69 and most healthy) over since February and it has definitely reduced my output!

And putting together a crew to help on a regular schedule is, IMHO, the absolute best way.  In addition to motivation, they can become life long friends.

These forums are one possible source.  Additionally, explain to your hobby shop owner, if you are fortunate enough to still have a hobby shop in your area, your need.  Also, he may let you post a flier in his shop.

Go to a few NMRA meetings, even as a guest.  The Division I am in allows anyone to stand up during the business meeting and say whatever they want.  Ours also allows information like this to be inserted in our newsletter.  Find out who their Editor is and ask him/her.

Good luck.

With cinders in your eyes,
Bruce Bowie

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