Re: Blackstone K-27 Re-motor Kits

Don Bergman


When you do apply DC current to burn off the oil I always worried about hitting the wrong pin and toasting something.  So I slipped some stripped wire insulation over the unwanted pins to protect them.  I have 2 of the 2006  and burning the oil worked on one but the other is re-motored.   Don't give up it the first time doesn't work.   do it again, and again, repeat and then it might work.   I think I did it more than 4-5 times and then it took.

Don Bergman

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Of course, I haven’t tried to let the magic smoke out of mine, so maybe I should try that. I just figured I would skip that altogether and go straight to the new part(s).

Jim Marlett

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I know these things aren’t made to take apart, but has anyone ever tried to take a motor apart and de-lubricate it then successfully reassemble it?

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