Re: Blackstone K-27 Re-motor Kits

Ric Case

I have 8 and wound up letting the smoke out of the original first 2 ! 
I sent some back for warranty repairs! 
I was going to order a few motors to have in stock but never did.
Black stone was always fast and fair.
All of my locomotives run well except for one! Some days it will act up other days it will take spells to run through a whole operating session with no problem. 
I also have 10 C-19,s  , they are also great runners. 
Good luck with your effort. The two outside pins on the plug run the motor! I used a nine volt battery to run mine in! 

Ric Case 
EBT Modeler 
Hamilton Ohio 

On Sep 6, 2020, at 12:44 PM, Jim Marlett <jmarlett@...> wrote:

Of course, I haven’t tried to let the magic smoke out of mine, so maybe I should try that. I just figured I would skip that altogether and go straight to the new part(s).

Jim Marlett

On Sep 6, 2020, at 11:40 AM, James Marlett <jmarlett@...> wrote:

I know these things aren’t made to take apart, but has anyone ever tried to take a motor apart and de-lubricate it then successfully reassemble it?

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