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kevin b

i wonder, is there anybody in the US that can make electric motors anymore?
i mean, model train size motors, not industrial stuff.
and, that sort of begs the question, if so, how much more would they cost?
would we, pay, say, 2x the price for an American made piece?

as for the bachman gear situation, what would it take to get those made here?
would NWSL consider it?
how many sets would have to be pre sold?

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With the rift between China and the US it may take a while.  Besides Kader Industries is not exactly friendly.  They design of and manufacturing of the Bachmann Spectrum, owned by Kader,  Shays and Climax's is a prime example of WHGAS attitude they have.  In both, after about an hour of running time, the Climax gears are mashed, cracked, or stripped to the point you have a great looking model which has DCC/Sound/lights which just sits there and does everything but move.  Same with the Shay.  They end up being really expensive scenery.  Bachmann's response is just sorry about that, but there is nothing we can do so you eat it.  When I approached them at the West Springfield MA show, I got a cold shoulder, ignored, and almost shuffled away from their display.  Kader has their employees well trained to ignore the problems.
Fortunately, I believe Blackstone was heavily involved in the design and exacting specifications allowing a model of quality to be turned out.  Its just that we find replacement parts by Kader to be lacking due to the rift between US and China trade and Kader policy.  Only God knows when the parts will be made, shipped, and arrive in Colorado.  Its definitely not a Blackstone problem.
In the mean time, we the consumer, have to just sit and wait for Kader to do what they do.

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I have a friend that recently sent a K27 first run, into Blackstone for a motor replacement and was told they have no motor assemblies in stock and are waiting for a replenishment order to arrive, but could not tell him when the order of motors was to arrive.

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Call Blackstone.  They are/were $29.95 including shipping.

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